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Social Media
Account Strategy

I offer 3 services:

- One-off audits

- Channel setup

- Bespoke training sessions



Most people don’t look forward to audits - no-one gets excited to receive a letter from HMRC about issues with a tax return (except possibly Accountants - who get way too excited.) However, not all audits are bad.


A social media audit is the process of reviewing what’s working, what’s failing and what can be improved upon across your social media channels. These can often be simple changes that are easy to implement. Occasionally they can be a touch more complex.


This can be a one-off service to ascertain the right tone for your business, or a monthly/quarterly strategy look at areas that can be improved.


BUSINESS Luxury Flooring Company

PROBLEM Not getting the results/growth they hoped for.

RESULTS "Emma gave us an insightful audit and very helpful straightforward advice where we had gaps in our social media knowledge. She shared her knowledge freely regarding specific dilemmas we were grappling within our social media strategy and was immensely supportive in stepping up our accounts to the next level. We highly recommend her consultancy sessions."


BUSINESS Parent Influencer

PROBLEM Lack of branding & technical knowlege

RESULTS "I gained 100 followers in the week following these suggestions." Kay


Not sure where to start? 

I offer social media channel setup and strategy packages - setting things up for you from scratch.

I can get the ball rolling with your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts, ensuring that they are setup accurately, that your branding sparkles in each setting and everything aligns with your marketing goals.


Then, I can create a detailed social media strategy for your business - from launch to full operation. This includes content, branding and technical recommendations to ensure that you get the best results from your content. 

These services can be commissioned independently or in conjunction with full account management - drop me a note to discuss your individual needs.​​


"Having had the fortune of working with Emma on a few projects I would 100% recommend her work. Her skills are second to none and she really gets results. Anyone looking for a content or social media wizard, get in touch with her." Nadia


Home Delivery Grocery UK was set up in response to the need for a grocery service that skipped going to a supermarket in person. This project included setting up the accounts to writing a strategy document guiding the team for their social channels - and troubleshooting the process of setting up a Shopify bolt on. 



Excerpt from a recent audit report - every report is tailored to your business, the channels you should be appearing on and your unique business goals.

Social Media Audit Report Example.png
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