Social Media Management

I have lived and breathed social media for 5 years whilst running my blog Adventures of a London Kiwi. As both a creator and consumer, I have used my blog as a testing ground for successful strategies, developed a unique tone of voice and established partnerships with a variety of brands.


Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn are your online presence and are essential tools in your business/marketing strategy. Let me put these skills to work and draw in more business.


I can offer monthly content calendars (where you add content to the platform) or directly manage the social media accounts.


I also manage paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.



I have increased the engagement, followers and sales of SANZA, the UK's leading Australian, New Zealand and South African goods importer. Using a combination of engaging expat content, direct sales posts, influencer collaborations and tailored competitions, the social media channels have tapped directly into a dedicated sales market.



Working with the Gingerline team, a secretive, leading immersive theatre company (food and drink enthusiasts whose goal is to create the ultimate dining experience) their social media channels have been leveraged to not only entertain, inform and further develop an air of excitement, and whilst I have been working with them, they have had record-breaking ticket sales.



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Examples of creative, interactive content: (Click the link to open in Instagram)


A coffee cinemagraph - simple & attention grabbing                A magic Instagram mirror with a ginger twist                                                                                                                                             for Prince Harry & Meghan's wedding - timely & cheeky

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