Social Media Management

The opportunities that supercharging your social media marketing channels provide are immediate and tangible. Put it this way - if you're on the platforms where your ideal clients are hanging out, and your business is solving their problems, why wouldn't they use your services?

The key is making sure that your quality content shares your genuine story, reinforces your values and is placed for maximum reach and impact.

That's where I come in. 

As a freelance social media manager (based in London, but often working remotely), I can fully manage these marketing channels for you, ensuring that they are maximised to their full potential.

I work closely with you and your team to help achieve your marketing goals, bringing a breadth of specialist experience to your business. Creating quality content that speaks directly to your clients can be time-consuming - time that you and your team could be focussed on other areas of the business.



Scenario Architecture are one of London's top boutique architectural practices. Working with them for over a year, their social channels have grown exponentially in reach, targeting and securing high-end clients as a result of organic and paid social media campaigns.


Working with the Gingerline team, a secretive, leading immersive theatre company (food and drink enthusiasts whose goal is to create the ultimate dining experience) their social media channels have been leveraged to not only entertain, inform and further develop an air of excitement, and whilst I worked with them, they had record-breaking ticket sales.

For examples of creative, interactive content, click the images below to open in Instagram:


A coffee cinemagraph - simple & attention grabbing                           A magic Instagram mirror with a ginger twist                                                                                                                                                           for Prince Harry & Meghan's wedding - timely & cheeky